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The Rise of Gaming Chairs: The Latest in Gaming Chair Technologies

In many ways, 2016 has been a terrible year, or as the Queen would say, and annus horribilis, but when it comes to gaming chairs, they seem to have escaped much of the drudgery. In fact, they’re more popular than ever, and rightly so, because there are some excellent examples on the market, especially those from premium brands, such as Giotech.

Today, we’re going to explore gaming chairs in greater depth. The market is becoming increasingly competitive, and that means there’s much more choice for you, the punter. As a buyer, it’s important that you have at least a cursory understanding of the various features these chairs now offer.


There are some key things to consider when buying a chair, things that you should consider before you start to look at the various electronic/connectivity features: namely, comfort.

Ideally, you will test the chair before you buy it to ensure that it’s comfortable. If you’re the typical gamer, then it’s highly likely you’ll spend a fair few hours in your chair at a time. This year, we’ve seen this reflected in some of the latest chairs. They’re starting to move more towards plush armchairs than the traditional office-desk type chair. This is great, because they look much better too.

In fact, the latest chairs are so impressive, that the market has witnessed a huge jump in sales. Today, gamers are spending almost as much on their chairs as they would spend on their Steam subscriptions, or the Burning Legion expansion. Gaming chairs are fast becoming a key element in the gaming rig, with people matching colours and styles. It’s a serious business.

If you’re looking for a great starter chair, then consider the Gioteck RC5. It’s a fantastic entry-level chair for those of you that have never owned a professional gaming chair before, and simply want to test it out. This model manages to stay below the £100 mark, so a great little investment. The dark colours and plush finish means that it matches the vast majority of gaming rigs too. It’s stylish, elegant, and modern – a fantastic addition to your games room.



The Gioteck RC5 has full range speakers for fantastic sound production – the surround sound might have you believing you're actually on the racetrack or battlefield, whatever your poison. One of our favourite features is the subwoofer, which gives the chair a real basey feel. The sound rumbles through you, making the games that extra bit exciting.

We mentioned earlier that many chairs are starting to diverge away from the typical office-chair look, and while this chair still maintains some of those features, the double foam padding ensures that it’s much more comfortable than your typical office chair.

Some of you might be unaware, but gaming chairs also work fantastically well as cinema chairs. So, whether you're watching the latest Marvel film, or you’re playing your favourite PC game, you'll love the experience this chair gives you. The rumble subwoofer truly is amazing.

Without a doubt, the Gioteck RC5 is our favourite entry-level gaming chair.

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