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Looking at the Best Self-Balancing Scooter for 2016

Self-balancing scooters, or hoverboards as some people like to call them, have a mixed reputation. When they first came out a few years ago, people thought they were cool. Recently, they’ve tended to develop a similar reputation as roller blades: it’s not what the cool kids do.

With the Swegway boards, this is all about to change. Not only do they look awesome, they have many fantastic features. Unlike many other models, these don’t tout themselves to be “hoverboards”, but instead, “self-balancing scooters”.

The issue with calling them hoverboards is that people assumed they would actually hover. When this wasn’t the case, they started to view the boards as less cool than they should have. Now, we’re going to turn our attention to the reasons that the Swegway is the best self-balancing board of 2016.



Why Should You Buy a Swegway Self-Balancing Scooter?
You'll see an increase in people using these boards over the coming months and years, especially within urban areas. For many, they make more sense for getting around than cars or bikes do, but why choose the Swegway in particular?

1. Long lasting batteries
The Swegway uses a Samsung battery. Samsung is one of the world leaders in battery technology. They have a fantastic range – at least 12 miles – and charging time is only 90 minutes.

As well as this, rechargeable batteries are less polluting to the environment than other modes of transport, such as cars and traditional scooters.

2. Easy to use
Again, another huge advantage over cars is the fact that it takes very little time to learn to use a Swegway. Most people pick it up within half an hour, and then it takes a bit of practice getting used to using it on pavements and roads.

We would recommend that if you are using them on the roads, that you buy one with large wheels. These help to ensure that you won’t be thrown off balance by potholes and the usual lumps and bumps of British pavements!

3. Lightweight and easy to carry
Most people that use self-balancing scooters are using them to get to places like college or university, but once on campus, will then have to carry them between lessons. The Swegways lightweight frame ensures that they are easy to handle and manageable.

4. Easy to look after
There isn’t much maintenance involved with a Swegway. They require a check-up every now and then, just to ensure the batteries functioning properly and the gyroscope is still in balance, but aside from this, there’s very little maintenance beyond cleaning. Furthermore, these maintenance checks are things that you can do yourself.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Swegway?
There are really only two considerations to make when buying a Swegway:

1. The size of the wheels.
In general, larger wheels are better for off-road riding, or riding on uneven surfaces. And remember, anything smaller than 6 inches is a child’s board.



2. The colour
Swegway offers a massive array of colours. There’s the usual masculine and feminine divide, but there are also other cool designs, such as graffiti style. When choosing your board, really take the time to make the right decision in colour.

We hope that you can now appreciate why we believe that Swegway is ‘the’ best self-balancing scooter on the market. We think they're great.

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