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Smart Balance Wheel: Buying Guide Christmas 2016

OK, so some of you haven’t got over the loss of summer yet. It’s only September, after all. Nonetheless, we’ve noticed plenty of Facebook people lamenting the dimming sun and the shorter nights.

You might think that it’s too early to be talking about Christmas, but our local corner shop has already started selling mince pies! And, social media is starting to chatter with Christmas talk…including the usual arguments of “Christmas? Already! We haven’t even had Halloween yet!”

Whatever, we all know that Christmas will be here before we know it and that means that it’s time to start thinking about presents. This year, one of the biggest hits is set to be the “hoverboard”, better known as the “smart balance wheel” (after all, it doesn’t really hover!). Below, we have created a buying guide to help you decide which one to buy your relative.


It makes sense to start thinking about buying the smart wheel within the next couple of months. Last year we saw a shortage, and some people had to wait until after Christmas to get theirs. Other people had to buy them in colours that they wouldn’t ordinarily have bought, or with wheel sizes that didn’t quite match their needs.

Buying for Kids
Kids, as you know, don’t weigh as much as adults do, and so they tend to need smaller boards. The larger boards are harder for them to navigate because they can’t apply enough pressure to get them to function correctly.

When buying for kids, choose a board with a smaller wheel, such as a 4.5 mini-board. Some of them even come with cute – but cool – graphics.

A word of warning: don’t try your kids’ smart wheel because you’ll probably break it. If, after you see how awesome they are, you feel jealous and want to buy one, then consider the following issues…

…Buying for Adults (Urban Riding)
Adults require a board with wheels measuring at least 6.5 inches. The Swegway range is ideal here. They’re strong, sturdy, have a fantastic range and they look amazing. They can carry a weight of around 15 ½ stone (220lb).

The 6.5-inch wheels are best suited to urban environments, where there aren’t too many lumps and bumps to travel. If you’re sticking to pavements and roads, then the 6.5 inchers are a fantastic choice. They’ll give you everything you need at a good price.

…Buying for Adults (Urban/Off-Road)
If you think that you’d like to use your smart wheel off road, e.g. in one of the country parks, then you’ll need to buy one with larger wheels. This does mean spending more money because the larger the smart wheel, the more expensive it will be.

If you plan to ride on relatively easy off-road terrain, then choose some 8 inchers, but if you want to go hard-core, then choose the 10 inchers. The 10-inch tyres inflate, as you find with bicycle or car wheels. This gives them great suspension and makes your ride easier.

…Buying for Music Loving Urban/Semi Off-Road Adults
This year, you'll be able to buy Bluetooth-compatible smart wheels. Here the rider links their mobile/mp3 player to the speakers located on the wheel.

We’re in two minds about this. It’s a bit cringy blasting music out in an urban environment. However, their 8-inch wheels make them good for off-road use too, so you can listen to music while riding through the forest, or fields, or wherever it is your travels take you.

There’s also the added safety feature: people can hear you coming, so they’ll move out of your way!

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful, but please get in touch if you have any further questions.

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