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Swegway Tricks and Techniques: 5 Awesome Things You Can Do with Your Balance Board

We all know some of the many tricks you can do on a skateboard or a bike (especially those of you who played the awesome Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX game), but did you know that you can do some awesome things on a Swegway scooter too? If not, then read on.

OK, so don’t expect them to be as awesome as Dave Mirra, but there’s a lot of fun stuff to be done, and the adrenaline junkies amongst you can, and are, find some nail-biting stuff. Are you ready? Then let’s take a look.

1. High Velocity Spinning
Or, you know, low velocity spinning – either way, one of the first tricks that people learn on their Swegways is the spin in one spot. If you’re the type of person that can’t stand fairground rides, or becomes car sick easily, then maybe this isn’t the best thing for you. If not, it’s super fun.

2. Mental Precision Parkour
(Disclaimer: we do not recommend that anyone try this at home, at work, or anywhere.) Some people use their Swegways to do parkour-like stunts. We’ve seen videos of people on top of skyscrapers Sweging within an inch or two of a sheer 100ft+ drop.

Watching the video is scary enough, so if you’re of a nervous disposition, it’s not the best thing to go and google. If you can handle watching, it is impressive, but as we mentioned above, not something we would ever recommend doing.

3. Do a 180o
No, we don’t mean do a half circle; we mean do an actual jump off the board and land back onto it. While some people make it look easy, it’s actually incredibly difficult because the board adjusts its balance as you jump on and off, and you need to anticipate this in order to pull it off.

As well as 180os you can do lots of other similar things. For instance, there’s an increasing number of people that are using their Swegways as part of their Yoga routines. It makes sense, because these boards can really teach you where your core muscles are! #onlyswegwayusersunderstand

4. Get to School, College, or University On Time
As long as you're on campus, and the campus hasn’t banned them, they’re a great way to get around campus. Do you have a 10-minute gap to allow you to get one end of campus to another between lessons? Well, now you don’t have to turn up looking like a sweaty mess!

You can get there in a third of the time, have the wind in your hair, and maybe even have time to have a 7.5-minute nap! Not to mention that you can impress all the hotties with your 180os and circle spinning!

5. Make Your Chores More Fun
Do you love to vacuum? Is dusting something you look forward too? No, well join the queue (although, to be fair, I’m a weird one and quite enjoy it). Anyway, if you find chores boring, why not grab your Swegway and get vacuuming and dusting. Whether you have carpet or hard floors, you can Sweg your way around the house in record time.

Bonus: you're a little bit taller so you can dust in those hard to reach places!
As you can see, there’s much more to Sweging than meets the eye.

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