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Swegway: What Company Do You Keep? Celebrity Endorsement

At UK Big Buy, we love Swegways – just look at the introductory video; they're so cool! And, by all accounts, we’re far from being the only people that love them. Not only do they sell like hotcakes, celebrities love them too.

If you’re thinking of buying a Swegway, then you'll be in good company. Below, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular celebrities that use the Swegway.

You’ve got to love the cheeky chappy that is Dappy. Sure, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s talented and hilariously funny – check him out on Celebrity Juice, funny as anything. He didn’t have his balance scooter then, but he’s definitely made some public appearances on it, namely on stage at one of the big festivals.

dappy-balance scooter

Brooklyn Beckham
Some people might question the celebrity status, but as the son of two of the most famous people in the UK during the ‘90s and ‘00s, it’s fair to say that his life wasn’t going to go unnoticed!

We certainly sat up and paid attention when we saw photos of him playing balance-board basketball. What a great idea! No doubt he uses his board a lot, because that takes a lot of skill!

Justin Bieber
All you Beliebers out there will already be fully aware that JB is an extreme sports fan. If you’ve ever seen him with a skateboard, then you'll know just how awesome he is at it. It should come as no surprise that he’d lap up what amounts to an electronic skateboard.


Like him or loathe him, there is no disputing the fact that the boy has talent, and that talent extends to his Swegway skills.

Amy Childs & Lauren Goodger
It seems that Swegways are particularly popular amongst the TOWIE crew (that’s The Only Way Is Essex for those of you that don’t know), because both of these central characters have been snapped out and about on their balance boards.

The only surprise is that we haven't seen Joey Essex out and about on a balance board. He’s the king of Reem, so you’d more than expect him to get in on the action…but then again, I’ve never seen him out and about on a skateboard: he definitely has the skater look, minus the grunge.

Lily Allen
If there’s one celebrity that’s always seems to be out and about on their self-balance board, then it’s Lily Allen. She’s been spotted all over the place, and even dances and carries around her lunch!

But you know Lily Allen, always erring on the side of naughtiness. You won’t be surprised to know that she’s been pictured Sweging (- that’s a new participle I just invented!) on the pavements. That’s supposed to be illegal…although, if you read our other blog – “They Might Not Hover, But You Won’t Believe How People Use Self-Balancing Scooters!” – then you’ll see that even the odd policeperson can’t help but hop on a Swegway when they see one. Who can blame them? They’re tonnes of fun.

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