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They Might Not Hover, But You Won’t Believe How People Use Self-Balancing Scooters!

When “hoverboards” first came out, people got very excited. Flying boards! Who wouldn’t get excited? It’s the stuff of childhood dreams….and then we saw them, and disappointment swiftly ensued. These boards don’t hover! Why do they call them hoverboards at all?

And then came the backlash. They became uncool. They were claiming to be something that they’re not, and people don’t like that. As this happened, they were expelled to the annals of history…by all but a handful of people.

These people are innovators. They saw the potential in the boards. They renamed them, and then they got creative, and here are some of the more unusual things that we’ve witnessed along the years:


Bobbies on the Beat
Did you know that it’s illegal to ride a Swegway/self-balance board (- the new name) on the British roads and pavements? Nope? Neither do the police by all accounts.

But YouTube enthusiast, Carnage carried out a social experiment. He wanted to see how the police react to people on Swegways. Apparently, it’s either with complete indifference, or with super excitement at the prospect of having ago, which is exactly what happened with the policewoman in a busy London square.

Nutters on a Treadmill
Hey, they might be illegal on the roads, but that doesn’t mean that they’re illegal at the gym! That’s private property, and if you ask very nicely (or if you're friends with the owner), they might well allow you to use your Swegway on one of their treadmills.

That’s one of the latest crazes on YouTube, and it looks, well, a bit dangerous, but a great way to learn about balance and posture. In fact, if it weren’t for that pesky HSE legislation, it would probably make for a fantastically fun keep-fit lesson.

That led a bit of a brainwave. Swegways would be fantastic for practicing Yoga. They’ll really be able to help you to work out where all those core muscles are and how to use them effectively. They do Yoga on paddleboards now, so why not self-balancing boards? There’s no reason why not, but every reason to go for it: they are fantastic for teaching you to balance.

Mentalists on Skyscrapers
If get all sweaty palmed, weak kneed, heavy armed, and mom’s spaghettied when watching Parkour videos, then whatever you do, don’t google “Crazy Guy Rides Swegway on Skyscraper” by Top Viral Posts.

To start with, he has chosen one of the crazy, graphic design Swegways. This should probably tell us something about the guy himself: he’s urban, cool, and a bit crazy. This is all confirmed by the video. At one point, he literally rolls up to the edge of a 100ft+ drop!

Later on in the video, he even appears to participate in a little Yoga. So, you see, we were right about that, it is great for balance. Still, we wouldn’t recommend trying it on top of a skyscraper. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend you go to the top of a skyscraper with or without a Swegway! At least, not one that doesn’t have railings.

In conclusion, Swegways might not hover, but they have a coolness all of their own. We would definitely recommend you check out some of the viral videos released by Swegway users.

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