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Monthly Archives: December 2016

  • Shopping Swegways at UK Big Buy

    Whether you’re looking for a gift for your tech loving other half or foraging for the children’s next gadgetry obsession, look no further than UK Big Buy, Britain’s number 1 retailer for gadgets and tech. With products ranging from Hair curling accessories to LCD Speakers, UK Big Buy is wide ranging and its staff infinitely knowledgeable and passionate when talking about their hi tech oeuvre of products.

    And what’s a better gift for loved ones (or yourself) than the craze that’s sweeping the nation? We’re talking about the Swegway of course. The original Segway was introduced in 2001 and was created by inventor Dean Kamen and even has Steve Jobs quoting that it was “as big a deal as the PC” when first being introduced to the personal transporter, or PT.


    How it works
    The Segway uses Computers, sensors, and electric motors inside the structures base to keep the device upright. When standing on the platform, the user can command the Segway to go forward or backward by shifting their weight, using gyroscopic and levelling sensors to detect the changes in angle and pitch. Maintaining its balance in the process, its wheels move forward or backward as needed to return its pitch to upright. The rider can find and maintain their chosen speed, up to 20 kilometres an hour, by modulating their weight shifts. To turn and steer, the user can shift the handlebar to the left or right. The Segway runs on Lithium Ion batteries and is used by tourists and even by security forces, including Chinese Police Officers who patrol such areas as Tian'anmen square using Segway’s.

    The new and innovative Swegway, is much the same except for being less bulky and without handlebars. Users can still control movements using balance but have a smoother ride, being able to make sharper turns with the use of improved balance. The device was made famous in the late nineties when videos of celebrities riding the Swegway went viral on the internet, leading to their surge in popularity.

    So why UK Big Buy?
    Alongside many other products, UK Big Buy are one of the biggest sellers of Swegways. We have a multitude of designs, including our graffiti design Swegway, which embellishes the already sleek and trendy hover board with a personalised urban design. Another of our hits is the skull design, giving riders that edgy look of blacks and whites when riding. Another big plus for the Swegway’s we sell is that many do not have inflatable tires. Contrary to popular belief, having inflatable tires can impede on the longevity of the swegway. Riding down a dirt track or rougher terrain can mean that you could burst a tire and our off-road variations of the HB8 are here to quash that common misconception. The Swegway, all round is light, durable, efficiently powered and easy to use.

    Our Swegways can also come with an optional attachment. The Kart system means that you can attach an extra chair and wheel to the Swegway system which makes it easier for younger users or who may find it difficult to balance. The Kart add on for the HB8 incorporates a metal framework, the two wheeled Swegway attaching underneath the seat and an extra wheel jutting out the front, almost like a tricycle.

    UK Big Buy’s vast range of Swegway designs and models is challenged only by our low prices. Our prices are already hard to beat, but we also hold regular sales on items, so keep checking our website for our competitive pricing.

    We’re not only an online shop, we’re a community too. Our staff members on our phone lines are there to support you in your purchases. Any questions you may have about our products, whether it’s as simple as how to change the batteries or if it is more detailed information on our products and how they work, they will be happy to answer for you. Our staff, based in Birmingham, are personable and passionate about what they do, meaning that you will get a high quality service as well as high quality chat. Our products are tested by us as well, our highly trained staff are not only business aficionados, but know the products they’re selling. What’s more, we can offer you a security guarantee, using encrypted data services for all transactions.

  • How You Can Fix Almost Any Swegway Problem Yourself

    At UK Big Buy, we have a range of solutions to problems you may encounter with your Swegway board. From the nitty picky inner workings to the basic set up, we can help you through every step of the way with our dedicated team manning our telephone helpline, all trained, all passionate. But there are a vast range of problems that you can figure out for yourself and that you can suss the solutions to at home. Although we’re always happy to help, it’s sometimes easier and more rewarding for you to do it yourself. Below are some common problems many people face. Especially with the rise of the swegway age making personal transporters explode in demand in the current gadget and tech market, solutions to the easier problems can be found below. With this list you can help yourself and maybe even help others having similar problems. Continue reading

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