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How You Can Fix Almost Any Swegway Problem Yourself

At UK Big Buy, we have a range of solutions to problems you may encounter with your Swegway board. From the nitty picky inner workings to the basic set up, we can help you through every step of the way with our dedicated team manning our telephone helpline, all trained, all passionate. But there are a vast range of problems that you can figure out for yourself and that you can suss the solutions to at home. Although we’re always happy to help, it’s sometimes easier and more rewarding for you to do it yourself. Below are some common problems many people face. Especially with the rise of the swegway age making personal transporters explode in demand in the current gadget and tech market, solutions to the easier problems can be found below. With this list you can help yourself and maybe even help others having similar problems.

balancing scooter

An unlevelled hover board can lead to all sorts of problems, from basic balance to the initial boarding of the Swegway. There are a host of reasons why your board may become uncalibrated, from not turning it off properly to it being unlevelled upon its purchase.

To recalibrate your balancing scooter is simple. Firstly turn it off, making sure the power button is not lit up. Then place your swegway on an even surface, aligning the axle and wheels so that they are straight and even with the ground they are on. Then hold the power button for five seconds, until the swegway’s lights begin blinking, at which point you can release the button. At this point you can sit back and relax, the calibration process has begun. Your hover board will begin to align itself and within a few minutes should be ready to use as normal.

Stuck Pads
A very common problem with swegway users. The pads can get stuck for a number of reasons, from dirt getting trapped in between the axle, or from rigorous use, especially when going off road with your personal transport device. This can mean that your board won’t be able to sense you when you board, meaning that it won’t work or drive properly. To fix this, power down your swegway, before pushing down hard on the pads to see if they’ll fall back into place. After this, power up the Segway again and test it to see whether this has changed the pads sensitivity. If this doesn’t work, you can remove its lower plastic casing. This should be fairly easy and self-explanatory when faced with your board. From here, you can see the internal components of the board and therefore can reposition the pads from the inside.

Shaky Segway
No one wants a shaky Segway. This can be both annoying and dangerous, especially if your balance is on the uneven side as a persona anyway. Falling off can hurt and there has been many a grazed knee endured by countless Segway Novices. To amend a shaky hover board, take off the plastic cover, making sure not to lose the screws needed to refit it. Then when inside you should be able to view all the inner workings of the Segway. Among the wirings, which you should take extra care not to displace, you should find an infrared sensor. Make sure you take a photo of the sensor before you begin unscrewing it from its place. This will make sure you remember exactly how the wires attached to it are configured. After this, cut about 1.5 millimetres of both pads sensors, making sure to cut as evenly as possible so that it fits properly in the groove. Then use the photo you took to reassemble the swegway.

Charging your scooter
There are two main problems that can occur when charging your scooter. Firstly the swegway may have lost connection with the charging point. Alternatively, the scooter may be charged but will not start back up, usually due to it losing contact with the power supply. To amend this, power off the scooter before opening up the cover. After checking for loose wires and disconnected cables, and pushing them back together you can further inspect the wires for any damage. If there is any you can reconnect them with tape. Check the board capacitators for damage, burns, breakages and general damage. If there is any damage to the capacitators, the whole board may need replacing.

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  • Lisa jones

    My segeway says it’s charged showing green light when turned on it’s not charged. Checked for loose wires. This problem was caused after taking the shell off to replace. Any suggestions please?

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