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Why you Should Buy The New Hoverkart


The New Hoverkart transforms the functionality of the Swegway, so that younger children (and even adults), can sit down in their hoverboard. That allows them to travel the same distances, and at the same speed, all while enjoying the comfort of being seated. Differently, to standing up, this makes for an altogether quiet difference experience.

You could even argue that it’s even more of a comfortable ride, because of a lower need to use coordination and balance to tilt the hoverboard forward. Sitting down makes it a whole lot easier to navigate the hoverboard. Meanwhile, enjoying the speed of up to twenty km becomes even more immersive when you’re seated.

On first suggestion, you may be thinking that this device adds a wheel. But as you may already be aware, hoverboards are moved forward through the simple tilt of the body. Naturally, your arms will hold on to the side grips while you use the hover kart. And your body will take you forward or backwards, left or right, depending on where you tilt your body.

In essence, it’s probably the most intuitive go-kart ever released, and the fact that you don’t need to buy a standalone device makes it even more enticing. Just clip on the hover cart to your hoverboard, and you’re ready to go. When the first hoverboards came out, people didn’t see the full potential for how it could be developed. But now it’s becoming increasingly clear that as the years go by, more and more innovative features will be added to augment the hoverboard experience.

If you’ve been on the fence for a while about purchasing a hoverboard, you now have even more reason to go ahead and make the purchase.

Why it’s a useful addition
Some people might be second guessing why they would want to add this component to what’s an already easy to use the device. Well for one, it makes the job of going down and up rough terrain a lot safer. When you consider the possibility of falling over when going up and down different angled terrain, sitting down in a kart is a much more reliable experience.

Besides, since hoverboards are often used socially, having different hover karts can add a new dimension of excitement to Hoverboarding. Instead of just getting from point A to B together, with the hover cart, you can add an extra element of competitiveness to your social gatherings.

You could argue that this is the most inexpensive way to have your little go-kart, and the Hoverseat is the safest most fun way to use your Hoverboard.

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