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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • The Complete Guide to Riding an Electronic Hoverboard

    If you’ve purchased your first electric hoverboard, you’re likely going to feel some apprehension before you jump on. You know you’re going to have a lot of fun, but you also know that you want to be careful. After all, there are no handle bars to latch on to in case something goes wrong!

    Continue reading

  • Hoverboard Fires are a Problem: But don’t Fret

    While Hoverboards have dominated the mobile transportation market, they’ve not come without their fair share of negative media attention. New technologies, invariably, pose higher risks due to the uncertainty that comes with releasing something new to the market. Take for instance the Samsung Galaxy 7 recall, which because of a manufacturing defect caused excessive heat, leading to many of the devices turning on fire. Continue reading

  • The Future is here – the Omni Hoverboard

    Hoverboards have exploded in popularity over the years. Once seen as a fad, they’ve heightened the fun families and children experience all over the world. Used outdoors, they can be taken full advantage of, as they accelerate up to the speed of 6mph.

    Since they require no handlebars, it’s fair to say that they’re the most innovative transportation devices, to be released over the last decade. Continue reading

  • Experience the Wenatchee Pop Culture Convention

    Pop culture convention

    With the proliferation of media, Pop culture has infiltrated the zeitgeist of our time. Lovers of science fiction, fantasy, comics and role-playing games naturally have an abundance of choice to meet their various desires for novelty. For instance, exhibitions such as Comic Con have exploded in popularity over recent years, with superheroes being glamorised in growing fashion. Continue reading

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