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Monthly Archives: May 2017

  • Buy A Hover Board That Won’t Catch Fire with These Tips

    Hoverboards have become insanely popular these past few years for being fun, practical and exciting ‘toys’ for adults. Due to their popularity, scammers from abroad have been importing and selling tens of thousands of counterfeit models to unsuspecting customers. Upon seizing the hover boards, Trading Standards did find a plethora of things wrong with the boards electronically and warn that they are death traps and shouldn’t be used. Fake hoverboards are incredibly dangerous and there is a huge risk of fire and explosions. Continue reading

  • Segway Driving: Optimisation and Balance

    Segway’s look terribly easy to use but even easier to fall off from. These upright, ingenious devices have had a lot of work put into them, to make them the clever sophisticated machines that they are. The Segway has a certain design to it that means you need to steady yourself when using the device. To successful use your Segway, you have to master the art of balance! This is the skill that ballerinas and tight rope walkers have, and once you’ve learned it, it is very hard to forget. In this article we will look at the skill involved in successfully operating a Segway, and how you can incorporate this skill. We will also look at how you can use your Segway in a way that is exciting and unique. Continue reading

  • Safety Concerns Associated with The Segway’s

    Segway’s and hover boards have taken the world by storm, becoming immensely popular in a relatively short space of time. These futuristic devices are loved for the effortless feeling of liberation they offer their riders, and for being practical and fun to use. However, Segway’s and hover boards are vehicles, and this means that they come with their own risks.

    In this article we will take a look at some of the hazards and risks surrounding the use of Segway’s and hover boards. We will look at the risk of injury and risks associated with falling off these devices, and other dangers to do with weight limitations, traffic accidents and using the devices on steep hills. Continue reading

  • How To Recognise A Legitimate Hover Board

    Hover boards have been all the rage over the past few years, popular with everyone from the elderly to school kids. This popularity has unfortunately meant that scammers have seen an opportunity to make some profit by selling fake devices. The sale and use of fake hover boards have given the devices a bad rap in the past because of the risks associated with using them. Fake hover boards are incredibly dangerous as they can overheat, catch fire, and even explode.

    In this article we will examine some of the features you should look when looking for a genuine hover board. These tips will help you spot the real from the fake, which is a safe and scrupulous way to shop. Things to spot include manufacturer details, online purchases and battery types, among other things. Continue reading

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