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Segway Driving: Optimisation and Balance

Segway’s look terribly easy to use but even easier to fall off from. These upright, ingenious devices have had a lot of work put into them, to make them the clever sophisticated machines that they are. The Segway has a certain design to it that means you need to steady yourself when using the device. To successful use your Segway, you have to master the art of balance! This is the skill that ballerinas and tight rope walkers have, and once you’ve learned it, it is very hard to forget. In this article we will look at the skill involved in successfully operating a Segway, and how you can incorporate this skill. We will also look at how you can use your Segway in a way that is exciting and unique.

Keeping Your Balance
Achieving and maintaining self-balance is the key to learning how to use the Segway. Once you’ve put one foot onto the board simply step on with the other one whilst looking straight ahead. It’s important not to overthink or falter or you will fall off at this point. Don’t tense or you’ll wobble back and forward just try to relax, loosen up and practice this until you can stand on the hover board without wobbling for a period of time.
Once you have mastered the art of standing on the board it’s time to think about direction. Think about where you want to go and slightly lean in that direction as a way to propel yourself forward. Don’t lean or shift your weight too much or you will fall off but make the movement fluid and gentle. Try going forward, and if you feel brave enough attempt to move backwards. Turning left or right simply involves twisting forward on the foot that’s opposite to your turning direction. For example, if you want to turn left, you would push your right toe forward. For sharper turns you might want to attempt twisting back your other foot, or in other words, pushing down the heel. Once you’ve mastered this, you can spin in place using this manoeuvre.


As is the case with everything, practice makes perfect when it comes to moving around on a hover board. In order to perfect the art of balancing on your device you should practice the basic movements outlined above repeatedly.

Adventure On Your Segway
Once you’ve mastered the art of riding on a Segway, you can move on and take your Segway somewhere completely different for a unique riding experience! If you’re a fan of being in the lush green quarters of the forest, you could take a group of friends with you for some fun off road Segway cruising. You’ll get the chance to weave in and out of trees, listen to the quaint birds singing, all the while being immersed in a sea of green! Breathe in the fresh, clean forest air and listen to the wildlife as you move gracefully through the shrubs and across the forest floor. Segway adventures are a great way to experience a fully immersive ride, and they are fun for everyone. They provide a good alternative to the even more extreme, but exhilarating experiences like those involving heights or water. Taking your Segway to the forest is a magical experience as it will make you feel alive and in control of your destination and surroundings. Spending a weekend out camping in the forest with your Segway is another great way to get out into nature and still experience an exhilarating rush.


Learning how to use the Segway is pivotal in understanding how to safely manoeuvre and enjoy your device. Perfecting the art of Segway balancing is the first step in a rewarding adventure of excitement, practicality and convenience.

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