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The Swegway Craze In The UK

Swegways have exploded onto the scene in the UK, becoming immensely popular almost overnight. With celebrities such as Justin Beiber, Chris Brown, Lily Allen and Jamie Fox being seen on their own special Swegways, it’s no wonder they have become so popular. Wiz khalifa has been seen on stage at his gigs using his while Justin Bieber has released videos on his instagram using a Swegway on a private jet. Jamie Foxx made a brilliant entrance to Jimmy Fallon show on his back in 2015 and even taught Fallon how to ride the board. These celebrities share pictures of themselves doing tricks and enjoying their hover boards at home or in their videos, and these images and videos are shared with hundreds of thousands of people every day! The craze for Swegways has travelled across the globe in a number of months and for the past year, manufactures have been selling out of these vehicles. In this article we will look at the Swegways craze that has swept the UK and why they are such popular toys right now!


The Popular Swegway Models
When Swegways were first introduced to the market a few years ago, many people thought they were a bit of a joke, a laugh, not something that you would actually use and ride around on. However hover boards or Swegways are now common sights and seen in many parks and around cities around the UK. During the Christmas period Swegway sales are sky high and in many cases manufactures are selling out of these popular items. The appeal with these Swegways is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes, and variety is always a good thing when it comes to exciting techy toys!


For example here on UK Big Buy there are the classic Swegway models which come with a hover kart bundle in a graffiti printed flame design. Smoking! There are also refurbished Swegways for sale like the skulls graffiti Swegway which comes with a free hover kart. This model is very quick and simple to put together so no faffing around with small parts or anything. There are even bigger Swegways that are mainly used for off road experiences, which offer training and a large area for you to use your Swegway. At UK Big Buy there are also a range of off road Swegways which come in great prints. For example there is the off road self-balancing Swegway which comes in a camo desert print. Perfect for those off road forest experiences! If you’re interested in jazzing up your hover board or simply want to replace your old shell casing for a new one, UK Big Buy has some brilliant Swegway Accessories and alternatives for you to choose from. Now you can pick a casing depending on how you feel or what adventure you plan to have with your Swegway!




The Origins Of The Hover Board
You might think that Swegways were invented in the last couple of years but that simply isn’t true. In fact the first models were unveiled in 2001- 15 years earlier! These initial models were made by Segway Inc. These were going to be marketed as helpful vehicles we could all use on the pavement. It was suggested back then that the Swegway could be the perfect vehicle for police officers; allowing them to travel faster than they would on foot, and arriving at incidents much quicker than they would if they’d sprinted. The rules surrounding where Swegways can be used has changed as safety concerns have become an issue, but that hasn’t stopped people young and old from taking the plunge and investing in one so they can have their very own slice of fun. To make the most out of your Swegway, you could definitely think about taking it off the road for an unforgettable experience, especially if you know you won’t be content just using in the house or in the front lawn.

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