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Things You Should Consider If You Are Thinking of Buying A Swegway

The Swegway has been one of the hottest gifts in the last couple of years and seem to be becoming more and more popular! These electric vehicles are proof of the brilliance of engineering and are great little devices for adults and teenagers alike. If you’re thinking of investing in a Swegway then you are one of the many people who has realised what a fun time you can have with them. The learning process alone is a lot of fun although you might want to make sure you’re not on a hard ground when practising. You may have questions which have not been answered yet regarding Swegways, and that might have stopped you from taking the plunge to purchase one. In this article we will look at the things you should consider if you are thinking of getting one of these machines. New Swegways are not cheap and so it’s always best that you are informed in the best way possible before spending your hard earned cash.

Where Can I purchase A Swegway?

There are lots of different places online that sell Swegways and you can easily get lost in a flurry of different sites. You should always purchase a Swegway from official manufacturing websites which have lots of customer reviews available. This tip is a really important one to consider especially because we live in a time when knocks offs and fakes are all too easy to get your hands on. Finding a legitimate Swegway may take some time but it’s definitely worth the hassle. Fake Swegways are incredibly dangerous and shouldn’t be used by anyone, especially young people. There are huge risks associated with these death traps such as explosions and battery fires.

Can I Ride A Swegway Outside?

Before you take the plunge and purchase a Swegway you should be made aware of the law regarding where you can use it. In the UK, riding a Swegway on the sidewalks or roads strictly prohibited so it’s best not to buy one if you were thinking about riding yours to work. However you can ride your hover board in the comfort of your house and in your driveway so that’s a big plus. If you happen to live in New York City then there’s good news: you can ride your Swegway in the street! But- and there has to be a but- it depends on how fast your particular Swegway goes. If your hover board happens to travel faster than 15 miles per hour, unfortunately you’ll have to leave it at home. Rules regarding hover boards are different depending on where you live. Some states and areas and very strict on if and where you can use them, whilst others are more lenient.

If you want to really enjoy you’re Swegway, why not check out one of the many Off Road Swegway experiences available. There are some beautiful, lush forests in the UK where you can really make the most of your hover board and have a whole lot of fun.


Are Swegways Suitable For Kids?

If you are thinking of investing in a Swegway for your child, or as a gift for one you need to make sure you buy a model which has a handle on it. Learning how to use a hover board can take a while and so it’s best that you bear this in mind when purchasing one for someone young. There are hover board models specifically made for children which are much safer than the general Swegways found on the bigger manufacturing sites. It is recommended that you don’t buy a hover board for anyone under the age of 12 however.

Charging Your Hover board

Hover boards are much like other electrical items: they needed to be charged every so often so that they can continue working to their best. It’s important that you consider this before buying a Swegway. If you’re patient, your board will be up and running in little time.

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