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Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • UK Big Buy - Extended Christmas Warranty

    UK Big Buy - Extended Christmas Warranty

    UK Big Buy is now offering extended warranties! It was something that we have always done every year around this time for Christmas purchases from us, so we thought we would let everyone know about it!


    Extended warranty – What does this mean?

    An extended warranty means that your warranty starts from the day the board is opened on Christmas Morning, rather than the day you bought it.

    Therefore, this means that your 12 months starts from 25th December and not the date of purchase!

    So, if you are a prepared person who likes to buy in advance, your warranty is not covering when your hoverboard is hidden away in the cupboard or under the bed!


    Extended warranties – Why are they useful?

    Extended warranties allow you to:

    • First of all, get super organised!
    • Are able to buy when we have great offers on, ensuring that you get the best price!
    • Make sure that you get full use out of your 12-month warranty
    • Ensure you get your hoverboard of choice
    • You can also cross one more thing off your to do list!


    How do I get my UK Big Buy Extended Warranty?

    All orders placed between 1st September 2018 to 24th December 2018 are now covered "automatically" until 24th December 2019


    Any Questions?

    Have any questions about our warranty? Email us here!

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