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  • The Ultimate Guide To Find The Best Hoverboard

    Not everyone is aware of the features and specs you should look for when searching for the best hover board. You may have a quick look online and randomly pick one you like because of the colours, prints, or some other aesthetic reason. It can be easy for us to get caught up in how something looks and we can forget that there is an interior that should also be taken into account- ultimately even more than the outer shell. When it comes to hoverboards or Swegways this is the same case. Hoverboards sell out in shops all over the world, especially around the Christmas period. These electrical vehicles have become very popular in recent years in what could be described as a celebrity induced manic craze. Social media has been full of these boards and they have been endorsed by celebrities everywhere. They look like so much fun to use and with the many varieties and colours available people everywhere are asking the same question: Which is the best Swegway for me?  If you are one of those people who want to find the ultimate Swegway so you can prepare for a brilliantly fun experience, either home or away- well then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will go through the ultimate guide to finding the best hoverboard for you so that you can see what all the excitement is about!

    Choosing The Right Kind of Swegway

    Before you go rushing into choosing a Swegway, its worth thinking about what you want yours to do and how and where you plan to use it. For example buying an off road Swegway would make no sense if you only intend to use in the comfort of your own home. You might think it’s a smart choice, but off road Swegways are built a certain way for a reason: they are especially made for different types of terrain, and environments. It’s better to take a little longer to decide than rush into a costly purchase. If you do only intend to use your Swegway at home or in your garden then you should definitely opt for one of the classic shapes. These Hoverboards are smaller than the off road models and so are much more suitable for indoor use. UK Big Buy has some great classic shaped Swegways which come in fantastic block colours. A model exclusive to 2017 is the SK-01 Swegway, an amazing hoverboard which has LED light up wheels and an optional carry handle, so you can carry yours around! This board comes in 6 colours and is available right now, so why not get yours in time for summer?


    You may not want to opt for a classic Swegway especially if you are interested in taking yours on an off road adventure, like to a forest or to one of the many Swegway experiences in the UK. Thankfully at UK Big Buy there are lots of different types of Hoverboards For Sale, so you don’t need to worry about not finding one that will suit you if you’re the adventurous type. There is a range of off road Swegways which come in bundles or as standalone products. These off road Swegways are very unique and are the best all terrain hoverboards, being only suitable for those who are brave and brilliant. With these models you can take a trip down to the beach and blast through the sand on yours whilst you enjoy the view and the salty beachy breeze. Or if you are the type who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty you can slide at full speed down a dirt road and feel the mud spray all around you. The great thing about the off road Swegways at UK Big Buy is they are a great size, considering what you can achieve on them. Normally off road Swegways tend to be big and bulky and can have rather large wheels. At UK Big Buy the HB-8 model is specifically made to not have air tubes in the tires, and this gives the vehicle a stronger ability to manoeuvre over tough surfaces effortlessly.

  • Choosing the Right Hoverboard Is Essential

    Hoverboards have been in high demand for the last few years as they are practical, reliable and easy to use. They are also incredibly fun, and are perfect if you want to socialise with friends and investigate your surroundings. You will also be pleased to know that they are easy to navigate, and do not require a great deal of effort or applied pressure.

    It is essential that you purchase hoverboards and hoverkarts from well-known, highly regarded suppliers who have made a name for themselves in the industry. Any swegway can be custom-built or tweaked so if you have any specific preferences then this will be taken into consideration.

    The quality and overall performance has improved considerably in the last couple of years and now meets even the strictest and most regimented standards. If you are heading down to the park or want to go for a ride around the woods, then take a swegway with you as they will provide endless entertainment. It certainly beats walking, that’s for sure!

    You could even ride a swegway into work if you live close by, and that would surely cause a stir in the office. With travel costs becoming more and more expensive, it would save a great deal of cash, and you will not have to experience any delays and setbacks to your journey either.

    If you want to take a long, leisurely trip and spend all day in the sunshine then there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable then boarding a swegway and heading off on an impromptu adventure. And it does not matter if you are 6ft tall or just nearing the 5ft mark, as they are ideal for any individual, regardless of size. This is what makes them universally appealing.

    When searching for the perfect hoverboard, you have to take wheel sizes into consideration. With smaller, more compact 6.5 inch wheels you cannot easily navigate smoother surfaces, but they are perfect if you want to attempt some daring tricks and get the most out of the hoverboard when it comes to steering and control.

    Transportation-wise, hoverboards are easy to carry around, and can be taken on weekends away and still leave plenty of room in the boot of the car for other items of luggage. The smaller wheel is not the best option if you want to ride on bumpier surfaces, so maybe go for the 10 inch wheel instead. For the ideal balance between dexterity and ease-of-use, then the 8 inch wheel is always a good choice.

    Kids will love the immediate appeal of a hoverkart as they are extremely comfortable to sit on, and are ever so easy to get the hang of once you know how things work.

    outdoors swegways & hoverkarts

    Steering is also relatively simple, and you can choose how fast or slow you go by pushing forwards or backwards and applying pressure. Even if you have never sat on a hoverkart before, then it only takes a couple of hours to really get to grips with them and ride with confidence, determination and ease.

    They come in a range of different designs and colours, and you can customise them with graffiti print, skulls and skeletons if you want to create an impression and really stand out from the crowd. There is also a widespread variety of accessories and boards to take a look at if you want to upgrade a current model and make it look attractive and eye-catching.

    So if you want to explore the great outdoors then swegways and hoverkarts are ideal. They are comfortable to stand on (swegways) or sit on (hoverkarts), and are ideal for all ages. Both young and old will be able to feel the many benefits which these fantastic products have to offer and spend hours enjoying themselves in the open air.

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