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  • Why you Should Buy The New Hoverkart


    The New Hoverkart transforms the functionality of the Swegway, so that younger children (and even adults), can sit down in their hoverboard. That allows them to travel the same distances, and at the same speed, all while enjoying the comfort of being seated. Differently, to standing up, this makes for an altogether quiet difference experience.

    You could even argue that it’s even more of a comfortable ride, because of a lower need to use coordination and balance to tilt the hoverboard forward. Sitting down makes it a whole lot easier to navigate the hoverboard. Meanwhile, enjoying the speed of up to twenty km becomes even more immersive when you’re seated.

    On first suggestion, you may be thinking that this device adds a wheel. But as you may already be aware, hoverboards are moved forward through the simple tilt of the body. Naturally, your arms will hold on to the side grips while you use the hover kart. And your body will take you forward or backwards, left or right, depending on where you tilt your body.

    In essence, it’s probably the most intuitive go-kart ever released, and the fact that you don’t need to buy a standalone device makes it even more enticing. Just clip on the hover cart to your hoverboard, and you’re ready to go. When the first hoverboards came out, people didn’t see the full potential for how it could be developed. But now it’s becoming increasingly clear that as the years go by, more and more innovative features will be added to augment the hoverboard experience.

    If you’ve been on the fence for a while about purchasing a hoverboard, you now have even more reason to go ahead and make the purchase.

    Why it’s a useful addition
    Some people might be second guessing why they would want to add this component to what’s an already easy to use the device. Well for one, it makes the job of going down and up rough terrain a lot safer. When you consider the possibility of falling over when going up and down different angled terrain, sitting down in a kart is a much more reliable experience.

    Besides, since hoverboards are often used socially, having different hover karts can add a new dimension of excitement to Hoverboarding. Instead of just getting from point A to B together, with the hover cart, you can add an extra element of competitiveness to your social gatherings.

    You could argue that this is the most inexpensive way to have your little go-kart, and the Hoverseat is the safest most fun way to use your Hoverboard.

  • Why You Should Buy A Swegway This Season

    Buy A Swegway

    You’ve probably heard of Swegways by now, but have you tried one? It seems to be the case that every year, there’s a new trending product. Whether it’s a smartphone, computer, or a transport gadget; there’s always some level of fanfare. Continue reading

  • Segway Hoverboards will become the New Ultimate Transport Gadget

    Over recent years, Segway hover boards have gained their fair share of attention. When the first Segway hover boards were released, not many predicted how popular they would become. Today, they continue to be bought at increasingly fast pace. Often called mini-Segway, Segway’s or self-balancing boards, even though they’re popular, there’s plenty to consider before making a purchase decision. Continue reading

  • Classic Segway Board Review

    The perfect Segway board is an innovative product that’s designed to be fun and easy to use. Worldwide, the product has gained incredible attention because of its new approach to transport. Unlike traditional transport devices that are similar in nature, it doesn’t require the use of handlebars of any kind.

    The internal gyroscope has made this device, the world’s most wanted gadget. Coming in different colours and patterns, you won’t find it hard to find something that matches exactly what you’re looking for. Continue reading

  • How Do I Choose My Swegway?

    With so many on the market and new and improved innovations becoming ever more available, more and more people are shopping online to buy Swegway. With affordable prices and high demand, it’s no surprise that a wide variety of new models are becoming available, suitable for all and differing ages. If you’re new to the whole Swegway craze and feel overwhelmed by the amount of amazing variations available to you then fear not as below you can find a list of factors to keep in mind when buying your hover board. Continue reading

  • ZIMX ZGC1 Professional Gaming Chair – Why Gaming Comfort Will Never Be The Same

    The ZIMX ZGC1 Professional Gaming Chair is now on the market here at UK Big Buy and we couldn’t be more excited. With so many on the market, we believe this to be one of the best, and you can take it from us when it comes to Gaming Chairs as all our staff are trained in all things gadget related. So what is it about the ZIMX ZGC1 Professional gaming chair that makes it stand out from the crowd? And more importantly why, as a professional gamer should you invest in a gaming chair at all?

    Gaming Chairs over desk chairs
    On the surface level, there’s little that makes gaming chair stand out from your average desk chair. Both have adjustable, height, both can usually swivel 360 degrees, and both can support a wide range of weights. On the surface it doesn’t seem that there’s much to differentiate between the two, but when getting down to the nitty gritty there are some real tricks of the trade that Gamers will become all too aware of as they delve further into the professional gaming world.

    The agronomy
    Efficiency is key in any work environment, especially in the fast paced world of gaming. Whether you’re a novice or a professional competition enterer, being able to be manoeuvrable whilst button bashing is a great asset to have. In online gaming, maintaining that focus and sharp reflexes is key if you want to come out at the top of the leader boards, whatever the game. Gaming chairs are designed so as to support your spine properly, keeping your posture both at its best and in as comfortable position as possible. There’s nothing more distracting during a gaming session than muscle and bone aches. You don’t want to be dosing up on painkillers whilst playing a Zombie Killer. Many gaming chairs can also come with extra back support cushions which can really help those who suffer from back and muscle problems.

    Gaming chairs last longer
    The materials used within gaming chairs include more specially designed foam and plastics which are built to last. If you’re going to be investing in a gaming chair then you want it to last for at least a few years, if not a decade or more. High quality foam means that, unlike many desk chairs where repurposed and recycled foam is used, the foam will support a wide range of weights as well retaining its shape for a longer period of time. This means that the comfort will be extended over a number of years and you’ll be confronted with no distractions at all whilst working, keeping your head very much in the game.

    Playing in style

    The designs of gaming chairs tends to outmatch those of your average office chair. This is due to the chairs wanting to match the sleekness and the sharp aesthetics of gaming consoles and devices. Gaming strives to be at the forefront of technology and if you’re accessories don’t match, then it may look rather odd, unbalancing the unity between pro-gaming and pro style. Usually you’ll see a vast array of colours and patterns and the chairs designs tend to mirror the designs of bucket seats found in racing cars.

    The ZIMX ZGC1
    So, how does the ZIMX ZGC1 professional gaming chair incorporate all the qualities that make a good racing chair?

    First off, the chair matches luxury comfort with style, melding black armrests and a variety of colours to choose from with synthetic leather, which is made from durable plastics and holds a visual likeness to leather. The vertical and horizontal line of bold blue or red stand out against the chrome black of the chairs PVC black.

    ZIMX ZGC1 professional gaming chair

    The star shaped base is fitted with ball bearing castor wheels, making for easy manoeuvrability and a sturdy, supported base. Adding to the sturdiness is the fact that the chair can hold up to 120 kg and has a reclining and orthopaedic tested back, comfy for any weight or body type. The chair is even comfortable enough to take a quick nap in. The height is adjustable, using a spring gas cylinder system and can cater to the tallest or the shortest in heights.

  • Tips and Tricks To Ridiing Your New Swegway

    So you’ve bought your new self-balancing scooter and taken it out of the box, made sure all the components are present and assembled what needs to be assembled. Now it’s time to ride it, a daunting task for any newcomer to the sport. You are not alone in this, there have been many a grazed knee and tumble from novice swegway users. To minimise any classic Segway embarrassment both at home and in the street, there are some tips and tricks you can use. Continue reading

  • How Safe Is Your Swegway?

    As with all sought after products, the Swegway is not immune to unreliable and often dangerous imitations. With a personal transport device which runs on electricity and is often used in public spaces, the Swegway must always have safety come first as both harm to yourself and others can come from improper and ill equipped devices.

    Last Christmas there was an estimated one million buyers of hoverboards as gifts, and even when buying from UK Big Buy where we can guarantee the legitimacy and quality of all our products, we still urge you to read the safety instructions when using the Swegway. Below are a few tips you can use when really assessing how safe your Swegway really is. Continue reading

  • Shopping Swegways at UK Big Buy

    Whether you’re looking for a gift for your tech loving other half or foraging for the children’s next gadgetry obsession, look no further than UK Big Buy, Britain’s number 1 retailer for gadgets and tech. With products ranging from Hair curling accessories to LCD Speakers, UK Big Buy is wide ranging and its staff infinitely knowledgeable and passionate when talking about their hi tech oeuvre of products.

    And what’s a better gift for loved ones (or yourself) than the craze that’s sweeping the nation? We’re talking about the Swegway of course. The original Segway was introduced in 2001 and was created by inventor Dean Kamen and even has Steve Jobs quoting that it was “as big a deal as the PC” when first being introduced to the personal transporter, or PT.


    How it works
    The Segway uses Computers, sensors, and electric motors inside the structures base to keep the device upright. When standing on the platform, the user can command the Segway to go forward or backward by shifting their weight, using gyroscopic and levelling sensors to detect the changes in angle and pitch. Maintaining its balance in the process, its wheels move forward or backward as needed to return its pitch to upright. The rider can find and maintain their chosen speed, up to 20 kilometres an hour, by modulating their weight shifts. To turn and steer, the user can shift the handlebar to the left or right. The Segway runs on Lithium Ion batteries and is used by tourists and even by security forces, including Chinese Police Officers who patrol such areas as Tian'anmen square using Segway’s.

    The new and innovative Swegway, is much the same except for being less bulky and without handlebars. Users can still control movements using balance but have a smoother ride, being able to make sharper turns with the use of improved balance. The device was made famous in the late nineties when videos of celebrities riding the Swegway went viral on the internet, leading to their surge in popularity.

    So why UK Big Buy?
    Alongside many other products, UK Big Buy are one of the biggest sellers of Swegways. We have a multitude of designs, including our graffiti design Swegway, which embellishes the already sleek and trendy hover board with a personalised urban design. Another of our hits is the skull design, giving riders that edgy look of blacks and whites when riding. Another big plus for the Swegway’s we sell is that many do not have inflatable tires. Contrary to popular belief, having inflatable tires can impede on the longevity of the swegway. Riding down a dirt track or rougher terrain can mean that you could burst a tire and our off-road variations of the HB8 are here to quash that common misconception. The Swegway, all round is light, durable, efficiently powered and easy to use.

    Our Swegways can also come with an optional attachment. The Kart system means that you can attach an extra chair and wheel to the Swegway system which makes it easier for younger users or who may find it difficult to balance. The Kart add on for the HB8 incorporates a metal framework, the two wheeled Swegway attaching underneath the seat and an extra wheel jutting out the front, almost like a tricycle.

    UK Big Buy’s vast range of Swegway designs and models is challenged only by our low prices. Our prices are already hard to beat, but we also hold regular sales on items, so keep checking our website for our competitive pricing.

    We’re not only an online shop, we’re a community too. Our staff members on our phone lines are there to support you in your purchases. Any questions you may have about our products, whether it’s as simple as how to change the batteries or if it is more detailed information on our products and how they work, they will be happy to answer for you. Our staff, based in Birmingham, are personable and passionate about what they do, meaning that you will get a high quality service as well as high quality chat. Our products are tested by us as well, our highly trained staff are not only business aficionados, but know the products they’re selling. What’s more, we can offer you a security guarantee, using encrypted data services for all transactions.

  • How You Can Fix Almost Any Swegway Problem Yourself

    At UK Big Buy, we have a range of solutions to problems you may encounter with your Swegway board. From the nitty picky inner workings to the basic set up, we can help you through every step of the way with our dedicated team manning our telephone helpline, all trained, all passionate. But there are a vast range of problems that you can figure out for yourself and that you can suss the solutions to at home. Although we’re always happy to help, it’s sometimes easier and more rewarding for you to do it yourself. Below are some common problems many people face. Especially with the rise of the swegway age making personal transporters explode in demand in the current gadget and tech market, solutions to the easier problems can be found below. With this list you can help yourself and maybe even help others having similar problems. Continue reading

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