HB-Bat (JT-BC201)

Swegway / Hoverboard - Replacement Battery Pack - UL 2271 Certified

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Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for Swegway / Hoverboard, 36v, 2.0Ah (2000mAh), 72kWh - UL 2271 Certified


36v 2.0Ah 72kWh Replacement Lithium Ion Battery for Swegway / Hoverboard - UL 2271 Certified

Do you need of a replacement Battery Pack for your Zimx Swegway / Hoverboard

The Battery Pack in the pictures is the perfect replacement and will fit perfectly in our HB2 or HB4 Zimx Swegway's / Hoverboard's

This product is a Replacement Battery Pack for our HB2 and HB4 Range of ZIMX Swegways/ Hoverboards.

The Battery Pack model number is JT-BC201 (36v Battery by Jetech, a 10 cell battery pack). 

You might need this lithium battery for your hoverboard because it isn't charging or staying on. Other common symptoms where you would need to buy a 36v battery for a hoverboard include:

  • Hoverboard won't charge or won't retain a charge
  • Hoverboard charger light stays green when connected
  • Hoverboard stops randomly
  • Hoverboard turns off by itself or throws me off
  • Hoverboard battery voltage is low when tested using a multimeter

If your 36v hoverboard battery is experiencing any of the above symptoms, then replacing it with this Jetech battery pack will fix the problem (unless more problems also exist).

Battery Dimensions

The dimensions of the JT-BC201 battery are 161mm x 85mm x 47mm

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

This hoverboard battery is made using the latest in lithium-ion battery technology. In fact, this is the very same technology that is used by Tesla Motors in its highly advanced electric vehicles. The purpose of a 36v lithium-ion battery for hoverboards is to power the electromagnetic motors that hold the rider steady while riding.

36v Hoverboard Charger

This battery is compatible with a 36v hoverboard charger. If your charger is a 36-42v charger, then this is the correct battery for your swegway.

Recycle Your Original 36v Hoverboard Battery

We believe in recycling and reusing vs throwing polluting the earth. Please help us in our efforts to conserve our planet's natural resources.

Replacing The Battery Pack

Below is a YouTube video link on how to replace the battery in a swegway (same principle for nearly all swegways models), quite easy to replace;


Note: We can only ship batteries to UK and European addresses. We cannot ship batteries further afield internationally.

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