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  • Suitable for children aged 8 to 14 years
  • Brilliant Fun for kids
  • 12 Months Warranty from date of purchase
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ZIMX ZX Flash : Our Latest UL 2272 Certified Kids E-Scooter with LED ambient lights.

If you want a great new way to have fun and get about, you can't go wrong with our Latest ZIMX ZX Flash kids e-scooter. This product is essential if you want a fantastic new way to get around, as well as looking cool/different. You'll love it for indoor and light outdoor use, zooming about at up to 10mph.

With this Zimx Flash scooter, your kids can zoom along at up to 10 mph. It folds up and weighs just 7 kg so it's easy to carry around. But it's still hardy enough to keep up with a pack of carefree kids. It's made from aircraft-grade aluminium and iron and uses solid tyres for puncture protection so there'll be no flat tyres. The IP54 dust and water resistance means it can put up with a bit of drizzle, and because your kid's safety is important, there's an LED strip for visibility and two rear brakes

Good to know:

- There's an e-brake button on the handlebars or a fender footbrake
- The battery can go for 5 miles - perfect for zooming around the garden
- If you don't fancy folding the scooter up, just use the kickstand and prop it anywhere you like
- It's sturdy enough to carry 55 kg and tall enough for riders 100 - 160 cm
- The on-board display lets kids check their speed and battery level


Key Features:

·       AMBIENT LIGHT The ZIMX ZX FLASH Kids scooter is equipped with colour changing ambient lights. By press the button on your handlebar, you can easily control the way you want them to shine.

·       POWER and RANGE The ZIMX ZX FLASH is powered by a 150W Brushless Motor & 25.2V, 2.5Ah Li-ion Battery. With this combination, the ZIMX ZX FLASH can be easily boosted to a top speed of 10mph and last up to 5 miles.

·       VISUALIZED 3-SPEED LED Display on Handlebar clearly shows everything you need to know. Simply press the power button to toggle between 3 Speed Modes: Eco-5mph Max, Normal-8mph Max, Sport-10mph Max.

·       EASY OPERATION Press & Hold the Power Button to turn on/off the ZIMX ZX FLASH. Give it a kick start and gradually press down the thumb throttle to let the electric power kick in. Release the thumb throttle, gently step on the rear fender for braking.

·       ADJUSABLE HANDLEBAR The ZIMX ZX FLASH is designed for all kids aged from 8 to 14 years old and are 3' 3'' - 5' 3'' in height, Max rider weight 55 kg in weight. The handlebar can be easily adjusted up and down to fit for kids within the age and height.

·       FOLDABLE & PORTABLE With its supper light weight and Foldable Design, The ZIMX ZX FLASH can be easily carried anywhere you go.

·       REMINDER, Please make sure you read the user manual thoroughly before first rides. We highly recommend kids to ride the scooter with necessary protections and adult supervision. Any missing User Manual can be loaded from ZIMX.UK

·       AGE REQUIREMENT FOR USE The recommended Age for the scooter is 8-14 years old. However, for any kids that are 3' 3'' - 5' 3'' in height and less than 55 kg in weight, can also ride the scooter to enjoy the fun.


How to operate the buttons?

·       Press and Hold the Power Button to turn on/off of the ZIMX ZX FLASH Electric Scooter.

·       Press the Power Button once to toggle between Eco/Normal/Sport Modes.

·       Press the Light Button once to change the colour or pattern of the Ambient Light.


How to ride the ZIMX ZX FLASH Electric Scooter?

·       Simply put one foot on it and then with other foot on the ground just give the scooter a kick / push start and gradually press down the thumb throttle, the electric motor will kick in.


How to use the brake on the ZIMX ZX FLASH Electric Scooter?

·       Release the thumb throttle and gently step on the rear fender with one foot, the scooter will then stop safely.


How to adjust the Handlebar Height? Easy as 1-2-3

·       1. Release the lever on pole.

·       2. Press down the silver button and adjust the handlebar to desired height.

·       3. Tighten the lever on pole.

·       4. Your good to go!


How to fold the ZIMX ZX FLASH Electric Scooter? Easy as 1-2-3

·       1. Adjust the Handlebar Height to the middle position.

·       2. Twist the screw knob until you can easily fold the pole.

·       3. Fold the pole toward the rear fender until the hook on the handlebar is clicked in the slot on rear fender.

·       4. Your good to go!


Warning & Reminders:

ALWAYS wear helmet, knee pads or other protective gears when riding the scooter.

All kids MUST operate the scooter under supervision of adults.

Do NOT store the scooter close to water, fire, corrosive chemicals, or any other things that could potentially damage the scooter.



  • Tyre sizes : 8” Front, 6.5” Rear (motorised)
  • Casing : High Grade Aluminium and Plastic
  • Motor : 150W
  • Charger : UKCA Certified with UK 3 pin plug
  • Charge time : 4 to 5 hours
  • Battery : Lithium-ion 25.2v DC, 2.5AH (UL Certified)
  • Max Speed: 10mph | Min weight 20kg | Max weight: 55kg
  • UL-2272 : Fully Certified E-scooter, Highest Personal e-Mobility Safety Standard
  • Suitable for Ages 8 to 14 years



  • Free UK Shipping
  • Internal UL Certified Long-Life Battery
  • UKCA Certified Charger with UK 3 Pin Plug
  • User Manual
  • Allen Key
  • UK Customer Support


**We recommend you wear appropriate safety gear before using this product, such as a helmet, arm pads, knee pads**


***All sizes / weights / speeds are approximate***


“Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements, or cycle paths. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission."



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