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  • UK Big Buy - Extended Christmas Warranty

    UK Big Buy - Extended Christmas Warranty

    UK Big Buy is now offering extended warranties! It was something that we have always done every year around this time for Christmas purchases from us, so we thought we would let everyone know about it!


    Extended warranty – What does this mean?

    An extended warranty means that your warranty starts from the day the board is opened on Christmas Morning, rather than the day you bought it.

    Therefore, this means that your 12 months starts from 25th December and not the date of purchase!

    So, if you are a prepared person who likes to buy in advance, your warranty is not covering when your hoverboard is hidden away in the cupboard or under the bed!


    Extended warranties – Why are they useful?

    Extended warranties allow you to:

    • First of all, get super organised!
    • Are able to buy when we have great offers on, ensuring that you get the best price!
    • Make sure that you get full use out of your 12-month warranty
    • Ensure you get your hoverboard of choice
    • You can also cross one more thing off your to do list!


    How do I get my UK Big Buy Extended Warranty?

    Just email us that you bought your order for Christmas to

    Also let us know in the email;

    1. Your order number
    2. Your name
    3. The date that you want the warranty to start from

    Then someone will get back to you confirming your warranty request and add this request on your order file with us.


    How do I claim on my Extended Warranty?

    Here at UK Big Buy, we store all our extended warranty requests online. So, if you need to raise a warranty request, simply contact us via our Contact Us page or email us on with your order number as a reference and we will have all of your information available to us.

    Have any questions about our warranty? Email us here!

  • The Ultimate Guide To Find The Best Hoverboard

    Not everyone is aware of the features and specs you should look for when searching for the best hover board. You may have a quick look online and randomly pick one you like because of the colours, prints, or some other aesthetic reason. It can be easy for us to get caught up in how something looks and we can forget that there is an interior that should also be taken into account- ultimately even more than the outer shell. When it comes to hoverboards or Swegways this is the same case. Hoverboards sell out in shops all over the world, especially around the Christmas period. These electrical vehicles have become very popular in recent years in what could be described as a celebrity induced manic craze. Social media has been full of these boards and they have been endorsed by celebrities everywhere. They look like so much fun to use and with the many varieties and colours available people everywhere are asking the same question: Which is the best Swegway for me?  If you are one of those people who want to find the ultimate Swegway so you can prepare for a brilliantly fun experience, either home or away- well then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will go through the ultimate guide to finding the best hoverboard for you so that you can see what all the excitement is about!

    Choosing The Right Kind of Swegway

    Before you go rushing into choosing a Swegway, its worth thinking about what you want yours to do and how and where you plan to use it. For example buying an off road Swegway would make no sense if you only intend to use in the comfort of your own home. You might think it’s a smart choice, but off road Swegways are built a certain way for a reason: they are especially made for different types of terrain, and environments. It’s better to take a little longer to decide than rush into a costly purchase. If you do only intend to use your Swegway at home or in your garden then you should definitely opt for one of the classic shapes. These Hoverboards are smaller than the off road models and so are much more suitable for indoor use. UK Big Buy has some great classic shaped Swegways which come in fantastic block colours. A model exclusive to 2017 is the SK-01 Swegway, an amazing hoverboard which has LED light up wheels and an optional carry handle, so you can carry yours around! This board comes in 6 colours and is available right now, so why not get yours in time for summer?


    You may not want to opt for a classic Swegway especially if you are interested in taking yours on an off road adventure, like to a forest or to one of the many Swegway experiences in the UK. Thankfully at UK Big Buy there are lots of different types of Hoverboards For Sale, so you don’t need to worry about not finding one that will suit you if you’re the adventurous type. There is a range of off road Swegways which come in bundles or as standalone products. These off road Swegways are very unique and are the best all terrain hoverboards, being only suitable for those who are brave and brilliant. With these models you can take a trip down to the beach and blast through the sand on yours whilst you enjoy the view and the salty beachy breeze. Or if you are the type who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty you can slide at full speed down a dirt road and feel the mud spray all around you. The great thing about the off road Swegways at UK Big Buy is they are a great size, considering what you can achieve on them. Normally off road Swegways tend to be big and bulky and can have rather large wheels. At UK Big Buy the HB-8 model is specifically made to not have air tubes in the tires, and this gives the vehicle a stronger ability to manoeuvre over tough surfaces effortlessly.

  • Things You Should Consider If You Are Thinking of Buying A Swegway

    The Swegway has been one of the hottest gifts in the last couple of years and seem to be becoming more and more popular! These electric vehicles are proof of the brilliance of engineering and are great little devices for adults and teenagers alike. If you’re thinking of investing in a Swegway then you are one of the many people who has realised what a fun time you can have with them. The learning process alone is a lot of fun although you might want to make sure you’re not on a hard ground when practising. You may have questions which have not been answered yet regarding Swegways, and that might have stopped you from taking the plunge to purchase one. In this article we will look at the things you should consider if you are thinking of getting one of these machines. New Swegways are not cheap and so it’s always best that you are informed in the best way possible before spending your hard earned cash. Continue reading

  • The Swegway Craze In The UK

    Swegways have exploded onto the scene in the UK, becoming immensely popular almost overnight. With celebrities such as Justin Beiber, Chris Brown, Lily Allen and Jamie Fox being seen on their own special Swegways, it’s no wonder they have become so popular. Wiz khalifa has been seen on stage at his gigs using his while Justin Bieber has released videos on his instagram using a Swegway on a private jet. Jamie Foxx made a brilliant entrance to Jimmy Fallon show on his back in 2015 and even taught Fallon how to ride the board. These celebrities share pictures of themselves doing tricks and enjoying their hover boards at home or in their videos, and these images and videos are shared with hundreds of thousands of people every day! The craze for Swegways has travelled across the globe in a number of months and for the past year, manufactures have been selling out of these vehicles. In this article we will look at the Swegways craze that has swept the UK and why they are such popular toys right now! Continue reading

  • Choosing The Very Best Hover Board

    So you’ve decided you want to take the plunge and invest in a Swegway, but you have no idea where to start. There’s so many shops online and in stores that are all saying the same thing: come and buy a hover board from us or, we sell the real thing: the best thing. You may be a little confused about where to go or even what to look for when choosing your very own Swegway. Colours and shell case prints aside, you want a vehicle which is safe, legitimate and of course beautiful. In this article we will aim to give you a run-down of what you should be looking for when you choose to invest in a Swegway. You don’t want to end up with something that is cheap- which is good- but a death trap- which isn’t so good. Making informed decision when you buy electrical goods is always an important part of the buying process. You should never buy something unless your 100% sure the product is safe, and that the product meets your expectation. If you see a lot of Cheap Hoverboards and Swegways on sites which do not appear to be reputable, you should be aware that you may be looking at knock-offs. These products might appear to be fancy and fun but they aren’t worth your health and safety and that of your friends and loved ones. Letting someone you care about ride around on a fake hoverboard is asking for trouble. It’s simply not worth the risk. Continue reading

  • Buy A Hover Board That Won’t Catch Fire with These Tips

    Hoverboards have become insanely popular these past few years for being fun, practical and exciting ‘toys’ for adults. Due to their popularity, scammers from abroad have been importing and selling tens of thousands of counterfeit models to unsuspecting customers. Upon seizing the hover boards, Trading Standards did find a plethora of things wrong with the boards electronically and warn that they are death traps and shouldn’t be used. Fake hoverboards are incredibly dangerous and there is a huge risk of fire and explosions. Continue reading

  • Segway Driving: Optimisation and Balance

    Segway’s look terribly easy to use but even easier to fall off from. These upright, ingenious devices have had a lot of work put into them, to make them the clever sophisticated machines that they are. The Segway has a certain design to it that means you need to steady yourself when using the device. To successful use your Segway, you have to master the art of balance! This is the skill that ballerinas and tight rope walkers have, and once you’ve learned it, it is very hard to forget. In this article we will look at the skill involved in successfully operating a Segway, and how you can incorporate this skill. We will also look at how you can use your Segway in a way that is exciting and unique. Continue reading

  • Safety Concerns Associated with The Segway’s

    Segway’s and hover boards have taken the world by storm, becoming immensely popular in a relatively short space of time. These futuristic devices are loved for the effortless feeling of liberation they offer their riders, and for being practical and fun to use. However, Segway’s and hover boards are vehicles, and this means that they come with their own risks.

    In this article we will take a look at some of the hazards and risks surrounding the use of Segway’s and hover boards. We will look at the risk of injury and risks associated with falling off these devices, and other dangers to do with weight limitations, traffic accidents and using the devices on steep hills. Continue reading

  • How To Recognise A Legitimate Hover Board

    Hover boards have been all the rage over the past few years, popular with everyone from the elderly to school kids. This popularity has unfortunately meant that scammers have seen an opportunity to make some profit by selling fake devices. The sale and use of fake hover boards have given the devices a bad rap in the past because of the risks associated with using them. Fake hover boards are incredibly dangerous as they can overheat, catch fire, and even explode.

    In this article we will examine some of the features you should look when looking for a genuine hover board. These tips will help you spot the real from the fake, which is a safe and scrupulous way to shop. Things to spot include manufacturer details, online purchases and battery types, among other things. Continue reading

  • The Complete Guide to Riding an Electronic Hoverboard

    If you’ve purchased your first electric hoverboard, you’re likely going to feel some apprehension before you jump on. You know you’re going to have a lot of fun, but you also know that you want to be careful. After all, there are no handle bars to latch on to in case something goes wrong!

    Continue reading

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